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The media additionally needs to indulge in educating people with proper information, and not merely telling, but in addition showing correct things. It is obvious that lots of people watch tv, go online, and listen to radio stations on a daily foundation around the planet. This mass attraction is a perfect vehicle of positive modification and paradigm shifts every-where. The news is frequently seen as bias, which can be real for the most part, however they likewise have the power to influence.

They are maybe not complete solutions by any opportunity, once the problems are far more greater and much more complex in fact, but the point is the fact that any proposed or possible solution will need an attempt from many edges and points of views to be effective. A collective work is the key to positive change, so we should all work together to higher our towns and cities, our towns, our states, our countries, and the world. Together. al-Andalusi - is a research fellow for Yaqeen Institute and also the founder regarding the Andalusian - Project, a research that is independent for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds levels both in Western and Islamic Philosophy and is currently pursuing their Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He focuses on topics linked to the philosophy of technology, atheism, terrorism, Islamic governmental idea and ethics, along with other dilemmas surrounding the international community that is muslim.
Since the 19 terrorists openly proclaimed on their own to be "Muslim jihadists", the backlash that is public Muslims as a whole in the US and Europe had been serious.

The US government retaliated aggressively, not necessarily properly in every cases, against selective countries that are muslim as Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The rest of just what took place and exactly how Al-Qaeda had been crippled militarily as well as the killing of its leader Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011 (about decade later on) in Pakistan, happens to be history.

Those things via armed forces attacks, drones or otherwise until today, by the Western powers against selective Muslim groups and countries, were provided a boost that is major the new US president, Donald Trump, who's widely observed become the absolute most anti-Muslim US president ever. These actions have subtly strengthened the therapy of Islamophobia within the subconscious minds of many non-Muslims.

The rise in Islamophobia is credence that is giving the self-fulfilling prophecy of the late United States governmental scientist Samuel Huntington's theory for the "Clash of Civilisations". It's as if the complete world that is muslim at war with all the Christian world or it is Islam versus Christianity.

This may be exactly what the extremists from both relative sides(Muslims and Christians) want but why should the comfort and justice loving folks of all religions enable it? Both these global monotheist religions have far more similarities in content and origin than their identified small differences, that your extremists are playing up and exploiting towards the hilt to cause strife.

Extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda, IS (in Syria and Iraq) and the Abu Sayyaf (in southern Philippines) might appear to be losing militarily, but their impact just like the Taliban as well as other terror groups around the global globe have not waned and really should never be underestimated.